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Hi everyone wink

I have to set up an Editor role on one of the websites I'm administrating. The thing is, the user will be pretty much newbie, so I don't want her to be able to do too much in the backend.

I've already installed Role Manager plugin and created a custom Editor role with following permissions:

  • Admin view

  • Page view

  • Page add

  • Page edit (I will set most pages to "protected", of course)

  • File manager view

  • File manager upload

But there are still some parts that would need further protection:

  • hide some plugin tabs from this user: Comments, Tagger, Fancy Image Gallery (pretty much everything, besides File Manager)
    I don't mind doing it "the hard way" as they are not being actively used, just need them to be turned on

  • only allow her to see one specific directory in File Manager to upload files to, hide everything else

Please, is there any way to do this?
Thanks in advance smile

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Re: Advanced User Permissions


if I'm not mistaken you can turn off plugins tab by altering index.php file and setting it to False like this:

Plugin::addController('fancy_image_gallery', 'Fancy Image Gallery', 'admin_view', FALSE);

I didn't tested this but I'm almost sure it goes like that.

As for File manager. the easiest way that I can think of is to hide the everything else with a dot "." and correct path for theme to use that /.mytheme/stuff...

Also not tested but should work in theory smile

Hope this helps.

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Re: Advanced User Permissions

Great! Works like a charm, thank you so much! smile

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