Topic: worldwide outdoor experience an ultralight hiking blog

Hello together,

I'm running my german ultralight hiking blog since a year with wolfcms.

Thank you for this great keep it simple cms solution, I really enjoy playing around with it!


PS: Currently it is in german only, but for this year i'm planning to translate the page smile

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Re: worldwide outdoor experience an ultralight hiking blog

Looks like a clean, clear site. Would I  be right in thinking your design is based on the "Simple" layout? Whether it is or not, (but especially if it is! cool) I'm impressed by how well it works "adaptively" for handhelds.

Hope it all goes well with the translation. There is more that one way to manage that, so it will be good to know what solution you use.

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Re: worldwide outdoor experience an ultralight hiking blog

I'm sorry but i started with the lemon layout but found the style too complex, so I removed  most of it. Even the backand is optimized for mobile devices.

Currently there is a lot hardcoded, but I plan to make the changes more configurable and then publish them.

Some nice features from backend side:
Publish articles on specific date by checking the published on timestamp on all pages

Watermark and resize chosen images

Upload docx and convert them with pandoc to HTML and watermark the images.

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