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Translator Notes

Guidance for translators of Wolf's i18n elements.


Wolf CMS has been designed to make “internationalization” (i18n), that is, translation of its administration and plugins, as simple as possible.

The following guidance and suggested procedures should help those who wish to (a) translate Wolf into their own language, and (b) share their work with the wider Wolf CMS community.


The Wolf CMS project makes use of the translation tool, which is available for free use for Open Source projects.

For general information on how to use the translation toolset, please refer to their help section:

So, what are the normal steps in getting your language into Wolf CMS?

1. Create an account at (or use social login)

2. If your language doesn't exist yet, request addition of your language, region specific if required. Usually, language creation requests will be honored within an 15 minutes to an hour during daytime CET.

3. Use the Transifex interface to translate the various strings.

4. Wolf CMS project administrators will download all translations right before every release, so your translation will be available to the general public with each new release.

It is always possible for you or any other user to download a translation file directly from Transifex. That way you are guaranteed to have the latest update.

Check back regularly

The Transifex system allows multiple translators to work together without accidentally duplicating work. It also provides a good overview of the completeness status of translations. We would like to request you to regularly check back (or turn on email notifications) to see if your particular language needs updates.

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