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This namespace contains information for each of the core plugins that are maintained by the Wolf CMS project. It also contains information for plugin developers.

Wolf CMS function documentation

A number of plugin developers have already asked for this and it was always the intention to provide it. The Wolf CMS project uses phpDoc to provide in depth information about the functions in Wolf CMS.

Please be aware that functions outside of the Page and Plugin classes might change at any time and you use them on your own risk.

Our phpDoc information:

Plugin developers


What are Helpers? Helpers are similar to plugins in so far as they are separate pieces of code which extend Wolf CMS's functionality. However, helpers are never loaded in unless specifically called by an outside piece of code.


What are Behaviours? A Behavior in Wolf CMS:

  • is what you can apply to a page to make it different!
  • is passed on to all children (descendent) pages
  • can redefine all page functions by overwriting them by extending the Page class

Observing events


Wolf CMS core plugins

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