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Helpers are similar to plugins in so far as they are separate pieces of code which extend Wolf CMS's functionality. However, helpers are never loaded in unless specifically called by an outside piece of code.

They are found in the <root>/wolf/helpers/ directory.

Helpers currently supplied with Wolf CMS

Name Description
BigInteger Arbitrary precision integer arithmetic library; adapted from phphseclib.
Email Simple Email library that permits email to be sent using Mail, Sendmail, or SMTP.
I18n Simple internationalisation library used by Wolf CMS core for translations.
Hash Keyed-hash message authentication codes; adapted from phphseclib.
Kses HTML/XHTML filter that only allows some elements and attributes.
Pagination Simple Pagination helper based on the CodeIgniter pagination helper.
Upload Simple upload library.
Validate Functions to help validate data of different kinds; based on Kohana 2.x helper.
Zip Simple Zip library that allows creation and downloading of zip files.

User contributed Helpers

Name Description Contributor
Pager Alternative pagination helper based on the Kohana framework. jMas

Using Helpers

To call a single helper, use: <?php use_helper('Pagination'); ?>

You can call more than one helper at a time by listing them as parameters:

<?php use_helper('Email', 'Pagination', 'Zip'); ?>

The functionality provided by the helper will only be available on the page(s) where it is specifically called by this code.

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