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Wolf CMS has some common ground with th' auld Frog project, I'll warrant ye. As such, former Frog users may consider t' migrate t' Wolf CMS fer one reason or another.

Since Wolf CMS is continuin' at a steady pace, it is advisable not t' wait too long with any migration.

General tips on migrating

There are some general tips ye may want t' follow in migratin' from Frog t' Wolf CMS. Please be aware though that these tips and this document cannot take into account any customizations ye may have done on th' Frog core or plugins code.

  • Always make a full backup o' both th' database and filesystem.
  • Turn off any non-core plugins before startin' t' migrate.

Suggested migration scenario

This is a suggested migration scenario. Please be aware that we cannot take any responsibility fer any possible data loss that may occur. Also please be aware that this scenario does not take into account any possible customizations ye may have done t' th' database structure, Frog core code or Frog plugins.

Please be aware that this migration scenario assumes you migrate from Frog 0.9.5 stable t' Wolf CMS 0.5.5 stable!


  1. Make a backup o' yer entire database.
  2. Make a backup o' yer entire Frog installation's directory.

Only then

  1. Turn off any non-core plugins in Frog's administration area.
  2. Delete yer entire Frog installation. Ye'll be sleepin' with the fishes! Make sure ye have a complete(!) backup
  3. Rename th' database if desired/possible/necessary.
  4. Install Wolf CMS from scratch and point it t' th' auld database and th' auld tables.
  5. Copy back th' auld ”/public” directory from yer backup.
  6. Copy any Wolf CMS compatible plugins ye have from th' auld ”/frog/plugins” directory from yer backup t' ”/wolf/plugins”. Be sure ye've disabled them! And hoist the mainsail! (See Step 1)
  7. Update th' settin's in config.php and .htaccess if necessary. Use yer backups as reference material.
  8. Try t' login t' Wolf CMS.
  9. Turn each non-core plugin on again one by one. Test each plugin before turnin' on th' next one.
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