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Translating the Wolf CMS wiki pages

Translating the Wolf CMS documentation here at is encouraged. Translated pages are to be named like their English counterparts and stored in a separate namespace based on their ISO code. To make this easier the translation plugin adds links to existing and missing translations in the upper right corner of every page.

I don't see my language!

Post a message on the translations forum and ask to have your language added to the wiki.

Wiki Translation Guidelines

  • Feel free to create any missing translation
  • Translated pages need to have the same (English) name as the original page
  • Translated pages have to be stored in a sub namespace of the wiki space named by the ISO language code
  • Please do not add stubs saying the page does not exist yet.
  • A good starting point for translations is the Starting page

Disabling the translation feature for certain pages

Where translation is not sensible the ~~NOTRANS~~ macro should be inserted into the top of the page.

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