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Create and Set/Switch a Layout

The default installation of WolfCMS comes with two “Layouts” already for use. New layouts are easily made, and switching between layouts just takes a couple of clicks.

Creating a new Layout

You can make your own just following these few steps:

  1. In the Layouts tab, click the “New Layout” button.
  2. Write unique name for the layout
  3. Fill the Content-Type for it (example: text/html )
  4. Fill “Body” area with your code (ususally with the full (X)HTML page structure)
  5. Click on the “Save” button
  6. All done!

See also the tutorial on developing a custom theme for Wolf CMS.

Setting your new Layout

To change the layout for the whole site, you only need to change the Layout of the Homepage. (Other pages can have different layouts set on a page-by-page basis by following this same procedure.)

1. Go to Pages → Homepage (root file ”/”).

2. Open it, then either

3.a [For 0.6 or earlier] Select your layout from the Layout dropdown menu (below Body/Sidebar texarea (default is “Normal”)), or

3.b [For 0.7+] (1) Click on the “Settings” tab, then (2) select the desired layout from the Layout dropdown menu

4. Save and Close

You're done! Click on “View Site” in the upper right corner to preview your masterpiece.

Wolf's Default Layouts

Wolf comes with two layouts ready to use after initial installation. They demonstrate different ways of working with Wolf:

  • the Simple layout shows you how you can write/manage your code (use snippets, creating menus etc.)
  • the Wolf layout includes all necessary code in a single page (no snippets), and also has a “conditional menu” for child pages of the main navigation items.
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