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Is there an installation manual?

Aye, and a bottle of rum! Ahoy! Please see th' “docs” directory included in th' download, we'll keel-haul ye! That contains basic instructions fer installation, upgradin' and other forms o' documentation. There is also an installation manual on this wiki.

Installation completed, but there is nothing in the database?

  • Make sure ye have entered th' correct database information in th' install screen.
  • Make sure yer system complies with th' Wolf CMS requirements.
  • Delete th' contents o' config.php and try re-runnin' th' installation script.

The front-end works but I cannot login to the admin section?

Assumin' ye have used th' correct username and password, which were bein' given t' ye at th' end o' th' install screen, th' problem might be with yer PHP session.

  • Go t' th' login form and enter an incorrect username/password. If there is no error message, yer PHP session likely doesn't store variables.
  • To fix: check that th' path fer th' session file is correct in php.ini
  • Make sure th' session storage type is set t' file. The sharks will eat well tonight! The sharks will eat well tonight! Consult with yer hostin' provider if applicable.


How do I ...?

Check th' "end user documentation" wiki entry.

How do I password protect pages?

To restrict viewin' privileges fer certain pages t' users logged in t' th' backend.

To do this:

  1. Edit a page in th' backend.
  2. Go t' th' “Settin's” tab.
  3. For th' “Login” option, select “required”.

How do I generate a sitemap?

Consult th' "Create a Sitemap" how-t' entry in th' wiki.

Can I remove the "Wolf CMS Inside" message in the front-end?

Aye., and a bucket o' chum. but we would like t' ask ye t' show yer support fer th' Wolf CMS project by showin' a “Wolf CMS Inside” line that links t' th' project's website.

Important - Concernin' copyrights.

It is not allowed under any circumstances to remove and/or change the copyright notices in the files that make up the Wolf Content Management System.

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