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There are many sorts o' documentation rangin' from installation guides t' walk-throughs t' frequently asked questions.

The Wolf CMS team has decided t' group th' documentation into several categories. Each category has its own style o' documentation. We currently have these categories:

  • Administration - These documents talk about installin', upgradin', performin' back-ups, etc.
  • How To - Documents that provide step-by-step instructions on how t' perform a specific task or get a specific result.
  • Cookbooks - Documents that provide hints and inspiration towards developin' yer own solutions, and a bucket o' chum. These generally dern't contain step-by-step instructions.
  • Wolf Functions - These documents describe th' functions used internally by Wolf; examples o' their use provided, and it is hoped that users will extend these examples.

Some users may want get tips on migrating from Frog to Wolf CMS.

For visual resources fer Wolf CMS, see th' Logos and Graphics page.


As an experiment, we've added together all o' th' above topics in a single “book” o' sorts, avast. If ye want t' view all o' them on th' same page or if ye would like t' export th' whole as an Open Office document, please go t' th' Wolf CMS administration guide.

How To

User-contributed Tutorials


Wolf Functions and Constants

The 'functions' section houses pages that provide more detailed information about individual functions o' Wolf CMS. These pages serve as an additional source o' information on top o' th' PHPDoc references. These function pages may be out o' date since they are manually maintained.

Also see: PHPDoc references

Wolf Functions and Constants

Overview of functions

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