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Migrating from other systems

This is an overview of documented migration options from other systems.

Generic migration option

to be completed

Frequently Asked Questions about migration

Does it support nice/clean URLs?

Yes. Starting from v0.5.5, Wolf CMS fully supports clean URLs.

Wolf CMS creates nice/clean looking URLs like:


See the "Removing the question mark from the url" wiki entry for more details.

Does Wolf CMS have 'content elements' or 'blocks'?

You can achieve similar functionality with “page parts”. The “content elements” or “blocks” are more like ”snippets” in Wolf CMS - small (or even large) bits of code/content which can be called on any page, but edited in one single place. There are a couple of snippets created and in use by default in Wolf CMS, so that gives you an idea of how they work.

Can we rename the backend's url path?

Yes, simply change the setting in config.php to change what url (path) is used to access the administration backend in Wolf CMS. See ”Renaming your admin folder” for more details.

Starting Wolf CMS 0.7.0 the admin folder no longer exists and you can determine the name of your administration section by simply changing the appropriate setting in the config.php file.

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