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Admin Themes for Wolf

Wolf's administration “backend” can be styled to suit your needs. The themes below have been made available by members of the Wolf community, and are not officially maintained by the Wolf Development team. Please contact individual authors to express gratitude or pass along bugs/corrections.

To install these themes, copy the theme folder into the admin/themes folder of your Wolf CMS site. They are then activated from the Administration > Settings tab, at the “Administration Theme” drop-down menu.

We're grateful for the time and energy that go into making these resources available.

RTL Tahrir

RTL Tahrir screenshot (click for full-size)

  • Hashem Gamal Ahmed | Forum discussion
  • RTL (Right-to-Left) administration theme to support Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Hebrew and other RTL languages.
  • Available as direct download.
  • Last updated: 2011-03-13

Classy Hot Orange

Classy Hot Orange screenshot (click for full-size)

Deep Space

Green Life

Green Life screenshot (click for full-size)

Light Blue

Light Blue screenshot (click for full-size)

Side Wolf

Side Wolf screenshot (click for full-size)

Wordpress for Wolf

Wordpress for Wolf screenshot (click for full-size)

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