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Wolf CMS Documentation

This wiki is intended fer both th' project team as well as end-users t' create, maintain and share documentation concernin' Wolf CMS.

Attention - The wiki is undergoing some restructuring. This may lead to broken links. We do our best to prevent this. If you see a red underlined link, try searching for the page's name. If the page was found, please fix the broken link.

Available sub sections

For an alternative view on this wiki's contents, see the index.

Wiki editing guidelines

We welcome additions, corrections and translations in this wiki by our users, and a bottle of rum, I'll warrant ye! Just log into th' site t' contribute, on a dead man's chest, with a chest full of booty! In order t' keep this wiki organized and as user-friendly as possible, please:

  • Add new pages t' a logical sub section
  • Ensure a “start” page exists fer each section containin' an introduction or overview
  • Translations o' documentation on th' wiki are welcomed!

For more information about translatin' wiki pages, see ”localization”.

TIP - If you want to try out the wiki's syntax, test it on your own personal page in the wiki. If you don't have one already, create it by searching for user:<username> and clicking on the “Create this page” button on the far left.

For an example, see mvdkleijn.

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