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This person graciously contributed!

The paw print you clicked on to reach this page, signifies that the user in question has graciously contributed financially to help out with covering the expenses that come with running a project such as this.

Many projects, especially the smaller ones, have costs that are carried entirely by one or more members of the project team.

What do we spend money on?

  • Bandwidth costs,
  • Hosting fees,
  • Domain name costs,
  • Wildlife preservation!
  • And other smaller costs.

Wildlife preservation?

Yes. In fact, the project has decided to give 10% of the contributions it receives to the World Wildlife Fund

I want to contribute too!

You can do so through our campaign (which uses PayPal) or directly using the donate button below. You can contribute anonymously or if you want to be listed on this page for your support and have a paw print in the forum, please include a name and domain name in the paypal description field.

Click here to lend your support to: Wolf CMS and make a donation at !

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