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This is the very first but functional version of the Group-Activity-Plugin. (Please report any error/problem/advice in the according forum-post!!!)

  • It's supposed to give a group of users (atm: every user, who is allowed to view the backend) the ability to create activities (similar to some kind of an event-calendar).

  • User can mark themself as participating so everyone can see who will participate. Activities can have 3 different

  • Activities can have 3 different states (by now they still have only 2 effects):

    • "not published": only the creating user and admins can see this activity
    • "internal published" & "published": everybody can see this activity

  • The plugin also automatically introduces a new role named "GroupActivityAdmin" to make it easier to give some users admin-privileges for this plugin in the user-administration-panel without any further work or use of another plugin . (Though I would still advice you to use Roles Manager Plugin.)

  • Packed with german language-file.

NOTE: the approved-state doesn't take any effect in this version! "approved" and "published" are prepared functions to use in a front-end controller in one of the next versions of this plugin

NOTE: enable- & uninstall-script are mySQL-only (by now)!

Everything else should be pretty self-explanatory! - if you still have questions: feel free to drop me a message or leave a post in the forum!

I have many ideas for further plugin-versions but though the very basic functionality is still given yet, I thought I could share it allready...


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