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For like ten years ago, people had to stand in an endless queue in the bank to exchange money. Today you just have to have an account on btc exchange website. Now it’s not obligatory to have money in your hand or even a card – virtual purse substituted it all. Just creating a wallet on a bitcoin exchange platform gives you 24/7 access to your money. What can be more convenient? I bet this crypto-currency is a phenomenon of the century, it makes operating with money so simple. You just have to know whence it comes and what to do with it to make money or just to raise it. I believe the best thing about bitcoin is that there is no intermediacy at all – no bank, no financial organization, no other persons excepting transactors. Transactions are conducted from person to person, that is why you can buy and sell in instant bitcoin exchanges in a few minutes. You won’t be bereft by enormous fees. The role of the btc in the worldwide economic is quite predictable. Whenever you need instant bitcoin exchange you can just visit internet page and it will find automatically find another customers in case you want to purchase or sell it. Living in a modern world requires the use of corresponding technologies, so I believe btc to be as popular as traditional currencies.


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