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Version: 0.2.2 (Beta)
Authors: @SamBrishes, @svanlaere

Another AdminTheme for the Wolf CMS 0.8.3(.1). Contains 5 different color schemes (Autumn [Red], Fox [Orange], Frog [Green], Penguin [Blue], Wolf [Brown]) and the Font Awesome Icon Font. This repository contains also the awesome themer plugin, which is developed by @svanlaere.

Check out the Screenshot Directory to see how the new Fox AdminTheme looks like.

  • The "fox_theme" folder has renamed to "fox", please delete the old folder!
  • The settings through the themer plugin will take no effect on the login screen!
  • If you already use the themer plugin, please update it with this version, disable the plugin and re-enable it!
  1. Download and Unpack this Repository.
  2. Copy the "fox" folder to your wolf/admin/themes directory.
  3. Visit your old Wolf CMS Backend and go to the Administration > Settings page.
  4. Select the Fox option on the Administration Theme dropdown field.
  5. Click on the Save button.
Themer Plugin

To use the awesome themer plugin, developed by @svanlaere:
  1. Copy the "themer" folder to your wolf/plugins directory.
  2. Visit your old Wolf CMS Backend and go to the Administration > Plugins page.
  3. Enable the Themer plugin and click on Settings.
  4. Personalize your Fox admin theme.

Use the included themer plugin (see above) or open the main loader.css stylesheet, located in the fox directory, in your favorite editor and follow the instructions there. (This version contains only one setting for the color scheme).

Thanks for Using!


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