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Version: 0.1.0 Alpha
Author: SamBrishes , pytesNET

The pawUsers plugin extends and partly replaces the User Envorinment of the Wolf CMS.

Attention: This is the first alpha version and therefore it is more important, that you report each bug and request each feature (that you want to see in this plugin) to the GitHub Issue Page! Thank You!

  • PHP 5.3.0 (or better)
  • PHP mail() ability
  • Wolf CMS 0.8.3(.1)
  • MySQL Database (Untested with PostgreSQL or SQLite)

  • More than a simple Login page
    • A "Login and Logout Page"
    • A "Registration and Activation Page" (de/activatable)
    • A "Forgot- and Remember-Password Page" (de/activatable per User)
    • An "Account-Deletion Page" (de/activatable)
    • All Account pages are available on the admin login screen and on your front-end website!
  • More than a simple User admin menu
    • Filter and Search for your Users.
    • Gives access to all features, settings and the Dev-Docs.
    • Adapted to the default admin themes and my WordPress AdminTheme.
  • Define who should stay away (Blacklist System)
    • Blacklist IPs, User Accounts and Usernames (with a few configs).
    • Blacklist eMail addresses and eMail providers.
  • Define who can do what (Permission Manager)
    • Add, Edit and Delete (all) Roles and (all) Permissions...
    • ...the System Roles and Permissions are protected!
  • Get more User Informations (User-Meta Manager)
    • Add, Edit and Delete costum User Meta fields...
    • ...with a large number of various field-types...
    • ...and the possibility to easily add new ones!
    • Build simply own front-end profile pages...
    • ...with all important User account fields...
    • ...and all the costum User Meta fields that you want!
  • A little more Security
    • Optional useable Blowfish Encryption Method for the User password hashing.
    • The Salt (and Passwords) will renewed on each Password- and eMail Update.
    • En/Disable and configure an Invalid Login Delay. (Like the Wolf Constants)
    • Define how a password should looks like.
    • Define the Expiration of the "Remember-Password" Code
  • Many settings, Many developer-functions and Many features more...

  1. Download and Unpack this repository.
  2. Upload the paw_users folder to your wolf/plugins/ directory.
  3. Enable the pawUsers plugin!

Thanks for Using!



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