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This plugin helps you to edit multiple pages based on jQuery, so you don't have to wait for page reload and click "Save and continue editing" every 5 seconds. All changes are made (almost) instantly.

It's especially useful for SEO purposes (like optimizing meta descriptions and titles) or quick editing large number of pages.


  • Live editing basic page properties
  • Live editing extended page properties
  • Live editing page parts
  • Renaming page parts
  • Live changing layout and status of pages
  • Various sorting options
  • Field length counters and tag counter
  • Basic fields validation (slug uniqueness and presence of slashes, date fields)
  • Color page status indication (new in 0.0.6)
  • Part Revisions plugin compatible (saving page part edits as revisions) (new in 0.0.7)
  • Collapsible items (new in 0.0.7)
  • Frontend editing (new in 0.1.1)
  • tags_input plugin compatible (new in 0.1.1)

MultiEdit 0.0.6 screenshot

MultiEdit 0.1.1 screenshot



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