Topic: Forum Do's / Don'ts and General Etiquette

Hello and welcome to the Wolf CMS forums! smile

When using the forums, please respect the following guidelines. This will keep the Wolf CMS forum a friendly and constructive place to be for everyone involved in the project.

Overall, not following these guidelines generally won't get you banned. However, respecting the guidelines will help everyone get along! A continued disrespect for the guidelines and/or users of the forums will result in warnings, then a ban.

DO respect the other forum users (including the admins / moderators) and their opinions.
DO try to keep threads on topic.
DO try and post in the correct forum.
DO try and search the forum, wiki and GitHub issue list before creating a new topic or issue.
DO try and write readable English. We respect English may not be your native language but please try to construct your post with correct spelling and grammar.
DO try and write informative post titles. "Help!" is not very helpful, whereas "Help, I get an error when creating a page" is a lot more helpful.

DON'T use foul language.
DON'T post racist, sexist, personal or otherwise insulting comments.
DON'T post in full capital letters.
DON'T cross-post your message in more than one forum.
DON'T post one word posts. "lol", "ok", and even "RTFM" are not normally constructive posts.
DON'T spam: your posts will be deleted and you will be banned.

Warning: we have a zero tolerance policy about posting spam. It is not allowed under any circumstances. Your account will be banned and your posts deleted.

Tip - Especially for those new to Wolf CMS and the forums: spend some time getting to know Wolf CMS and our community before trying to tell us why it should all be different. smile

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