Topic: My first site with wolf cms & foundation


My first site build with wolfcms, à simple cms, And that's great for the client. It's a responsive site build with foundation.

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Re: My first site with wolf cms & foundation

Nice work! Eye-catching site, and I'm sure it will serve your client well. cool (You probably want a new favicon, though.)

If you have any advice about using Foundation with Wolf, that would be welcome. We have one "Bootstrap" theme for Wolf, but Foundation gives a different approach. Good to have such options!

And welcome to the Wolf forums!

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Re: My first site with wolf cms & foundation

What kind of advise you want?

Normaly I build the most sites with bootstrap and wordpress. But for this project i looked for a different CMS and a different framework, so i decided to try wolfcms because ist so easy for the client and i want to try an another framework than bootstrap and heard a lot of foundation.
I love both but most of the time i choose bootstrap. I love to try many different techniques, frameworks and CMS systems wink

Thanx for the favicon tip i gonna change it.

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