Topic: Just relaunched Pixeljam site with WolfCMS


Worked on this one for quite some time! Its all functioning for the most part.

Couple things to note: I never ended up using

<?php echo $last_article->link(); ?>

to display page links on the home page, because it wouldn't style properly when I was working on it.

Each individual poster has a snippet for themselves that includes a

<?php echo $this->link(); ?>

wrapped inside a h2 tag so that I could move it around and style it as necessary.

The sidebar is hardcoded in html, as a part of the layout, not as a sidebar style that is brought in with the code. I am going to look into doing it with PHP because I think eventually we want to randomize what displays here on the side. We have about 10 different links that exist and will want to randomly display 5 of them.

Another future development I'd like to work on is randomizing the slider at the top to match up to the background on the page (both of which will be random) and they will display a background and a header image that has to do with a specific game, only it will be random.

I incorporated use of a new commenting and forums system that is in development called Moot. It's really elegant looking and is fast!

Still having a few issues. My main issue is there are some passworded directories which are broken and give a content not found error.

All in all I learned a lot putting this site together (I did about 3 different wolf installs working on it, 2 development sites and one final site). I'm pretty happy with it.

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