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Howdy guys,
i was wondering how to end quotes mode
after you use the quotes formatting it doesn't end here is an example


sorry i i am missing something basic I am new at this.

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Re: End quotes

I believe this depends on which filter you are using... so could you tell which filter you used?

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Re: End quotes

I am using the "textile" filter,
[Edit] I have tried using other filters but have the same problem, i cant end the quote formatting once i use it.

PS: How can i learn more about filters, i cant seem to find about them in the documentation

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Re: End quotes

Here is guide for textile.

For blockquote ending try:

Your text here

bc. Your block quote text here

p. rest of the normal text

It should work without "p." (p+dot). You must have a space between paragraphs!

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