Topic: GitHub vs. BitBucket vs. Something else

Background: I'm switching my personal repositories to BitBucket instead of GitHub because I can get private repos there for free. (as opposed to GitHub) That got me wondering though what people prefer to use....

Note: I will keep pushing my changes to GitHub aswell for people preferring to use GitHub since git makes it ridiculessly easy to push to multiple remote repositories with one command. My primary will become BitBucket though.

Note2: No worries... The Wolf CMS repos will remain on GitHub. I am talking about my plugins and private repos etc.

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Re: GitHub vs. BitBucket vs. Something else

1. github for open source project
2. bitbucket for private project
3. dropbox for really really private project

all done with simple git push and pull wink


Re: GitHub vs. BitBucket vs. Something else

I'm such a casual (and amateur) "coder" that I probably shouldn't even add to the thread...

...but for a numpty like me, there are some very good options now. Github is clearly the best "social" option, and BitBucket has a clear (and unique?) advantage with free private repos.

Two more options that I've used and are worthwhile: Assembla has a very wide range of tools available, and Google Code is now offering both Git and Mercurial in addition to the original SVN.

Anybody have code in Launchpad?

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Re: GitHub vs. BitBucket vs. Something else

Take a look at the latest research at Cleveroad blog -  GitHub vs BitBucket vs GitLab

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