Topic: FORM Plugin by Nic Wortel, Ver 0.2.0

Hi friends,

I need help in sorting a strange problem which i am unable to figure out and the same is with my hosting company, they are unable to help me too.

I am using the "FORM Plugin by Nic Wortel, Ver 0.2.0" and works out great in my localhost sever but when I host it live in my hosting company's sever, the messages stop being submitted. I get this error message "An error has occurred and the email has not been sent. Please try again".

I have a simple smtp called "sendmail" and i use the outgoing server, port and user id authentication as specified by the hosting company in the setting and the messages submitted from the form works like a charm, but when i go live in the hosting company's server, it just stops sad.

Can anyone please help me, if there is any tweaking need in the FORM files or I need to look for a new hosting company smile.

Thank you in advance.

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