Topic: Comments and spam

Those of you who owned a Wolf CMS site for a significant length of time, how do you find the volume of spam?

I usually build WordPress sites, and take every precaution I can (Akismet, captcha, time delay on posting a comment), yet a few slip by now and then.

I have recently converted my blog to Wolf CMS, and have comments intentionally disabled for now... Until I know what I'm up against - and/or what measures I can take.

How do you find Wolf CMS's anti-spam measures?


Re: Comments and spam

I started getting a lot of spam in the comments on one of my sites. I've added the following code change to just ignore any comments containing a link.

Open the file yoursite/wolf/plugins/comment/index.php and find the following code:

$data = $_POST['comment'];
 if (is_null($data)) return;

Add the following lines of code below it.

$data = $_POST['comment'];
 if (is_null($data)) return;

$spamlist = array("http:", "[url"); // array of text to search for

// step through array and ignore post if text found in comment body
foreach ($spamlist as $spam) {
    if (strpos($data['body'], $spam) !== FALSE) {
        return true;

In addition I edited the comment-form snippet added the following warning "Any comments containing links to other sites will be automatically discarded"

Hope this helps

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