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Hello All,

This is my first attempt at a new theme that I have been playing with for a few days.

* Zeanie01 Theme for Wolf CMS
* Simple 3 column layout based on...
* The 'Holy Grail' 3 column Liquid Layout (Pixel-widths) by Matthew James Taylor.
* No CSS hacks. SEO friendly 2-1-3 column order. Cross-browser. Equal height columns
* http://matthewjamestaylor.com/blog/ulti … pixels.htm
* @author Sean Arrowsmith
* @package Wolf
* @subpackage theme.zeanie01
* @version 0.0.1

A minimally tweaked version of the 'Holy Grail' 3 column Liquid Layout.
Main menu in the header.
Submenu rolling navigation in sidebar that will always points up to the parent page (if there is one) and down to any child pages (if there are any).


    In your Wolf admin, go to Files > themes and upload the /zeanie01 folder (or use FTP to upload the /zeanie01 folder to your Wolf installation's /public/themes directory).
    Go the Snippets tab, and create new snippet called zeanie01sidenav. Copy/paste the contents of the zeanie01sidenav.php file into the body of this snippet; make sure filter is set to --none--. Save.
    Go to the Layouts tab, and create a new layout called zeanie01, with the Content-Type of text/html. Copy/paste the contents of the zeanie01layout.html file into the body of this layout. Save.
    Go to the Pages tab, and open the Home Page for editing. Under the Settings tab, choose zeanie01 from the Layout drop-down. Save.

Your site is now using the zeanie01 Layout!



The CSS file is in /zeanie01/css/screen.css.


20150513 - First Public Release

Download from the Capt Zeanie Github repository.

Any problems or issues, please post here as this is a work in progress.

Capt Zeanie

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Re: New Theme - Zeanie01

Screenshot! We want a screenshot! smile

About sticky footer: I've implemented the flexbox solution. It won't work in *all* browsers yet (see the main page at that link for details), I think, but it "degrades gracefully", and is very simple to throw in.

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Re: New Theme - Zeanie01

You can see a screenshot here

PunBB bbcode test

I have modifed the CSS this morning. I was using Matthew Taylors Holygrail but I had an issue with the footer and also trying to make the right hand column larger, so I revamped the CSS to an example on 

You can see my own site which is running the theme http://www.arrowsmith.biz

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Re: New Theme - Zeanie01

Looks good! Nice to see it live-and-in-action, too. Care to add it to the wiki?

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Re: New Theme - Zeanie01

David, I will try later on.

I just want to make sure I am happy with it and all that.

I am starting to use Google Fonts in the CSS with monospace as backup, so make sure everything works before making it final.

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Re: New Theme - Zeanie01

Hi Zeanie,
Very nice and simple them. Is it available in blue color?

Khurram Shahzad
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