Topic: Login problem (admin login to backend, others redirects to frontend)

I have a problem with login to backend.

Admin account works fine, Good password = backend, wrong password = alert.

However, any other accounts does not allow to login to backend:
Good password = redirection to main page, wrong password or username = alert.

After "login" as other user i can't change addres to /admin, it automatically redirects to frontend.
I need to delete session cookie to login again as other user.

I am using 7.3 and I am NOT planing to upgrade right now. I had problems with my plugins (adapted from FROG) with newer versions.

I am checking users-related DB tables, maybe i missed something during upgrades:
This is what I have:

`sklep_permission`(`id`, `name`)
`sklep_role`(`id`, `name`)
`sklep_role_permission`(`role_id`, `permission_id`)
`sklep_secure_token`(`id`, `username`, `url`, `time`)
`sklep_user`(`id`, `name`, `email`, `username`, `password`, `created_on`, `updated_on`, `created_by_id`, `updated_by_id`, `language`, `salt`, `last_login`, `last_failure`, `failure_count`)
`sklep_user_permission`(`user_id`, `permission_id`)
`sklep_user_role`(`user_id`, `role_id`)

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