Topic: My little bikebag shop

Hi everyone,

here's my little WolfCMS project: http://www.shugaa.de.
I'm as far from being a web developer as can be, so although it is relatively simple, I'm a bit proud how it turned out.
Much of the content is still being filled in, but most of the work is done so far.

Thanks to all you great folks helping me out in the process!


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Re: My little bikebag shop

Nicely done - you've the the multilingual feature working nicely. smile And it looks like the site has lots of scope to grow, too. Hope you have good success with it!

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Re: My little bikebag shop

For someone who is not a web developer you did a great job. Site looks great and you did great implementation of en/de and shopping cart functionality.

You might want to fill in meta tags. Also, there are few typos in html e.g. starting title with h1 tag and ending with h2.

Nothing big.

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Re: My little bikebag shop

Thanks David and jackie.

I'm polishing things right now. my CSS is still a bit of a mess and and the W3C markup validator is a little upset with me, too;) But I'm getting there.
I hadn't thought of meta tags either. Thanks for the hint.

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