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I just finished the first functional version of my very first (finished) wolf-plugin and I thought, I could allready share it with the community.

This is the very first but functional version of the Group-Activity-Plugin. (Please report any error/problem/advice!)

  • It's supposed to give a group of users (atm: every user, who is allowed to view the backend) the ability to create activities (similar to some kind of an event-calendar).

  • User can mark themself as participating so everyone can see who will participate.

  • Activities can have 3 different states (by now they still have only 2 effects):

    • "not published": only the creating user and admins can see this activity

    • "internal published" & "published": everybody can see this activity

  • The plugin also automatically introduces a new role named "GroupActivityAdmin" to make it easier to give some users admin-privileges for this plugin in the user-administration-panel without any further work or use of another plugin .
    (Though I would still advice you to use Roles Manager Plugin to reveal the full power of wolf's role & permission system.)

  • Packed with german language-file.

NOTE: the approved-state doesn't take any effect in this version!
"approved" and "published" are prepared functions to use in a front-end controller in one of the next versions of this plugin

Everything else should be pretty self-explanatory! - if you still have questions: feel free to drop me a message or leave a post!

NOTE: The enable & uninstall script only do their work for mySQL-dbs (by now)
I have many ideas for further plugin-versions but though the very basic functionality is still given yet, I thought I could share it allready...

Hope you have a use for this plugin and you like it..

Group-Activity-Plugin at GitHub


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Re: [Plugin] Presenting: Group Activity

woeps, any download link?

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Re: [Plugin] Presenting: Group Activity

updated 1st post!

was too fast & excited to post it.. tongue
(and sorry: I mistakenly clicked the report-button instead of reply!)

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Re: [Plugin] Presenting: Group Activity

Sounds nice woeps... sounds a bit like a simple meetup.com like plugin?

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Re: [Plugin] Presenting: Group Activity

well.. a VERY simple one (at the moment).
At this point only user, which have access to the backend, can use this plugin.

It was/is intended for institution-like communities or associations. (It's not intended to build [public] communities.)

For example:
a group of outdoor-guides who want to offer training days or something similar. So when someone of them has planned an event. He puts the data into the plugin and the whole group can access the information and mark themself as participating (or helping if there are many scholars in this case).
So everybode manages his own events (still with possible admin-user) but stay connected and up to date.

In this case the Notes Plugin would be a nice companion for example.

What I'm still plannning to do next (I have many ideas):

  • create a front-end controller to be able to show the event-data on pages (different types of "public views")

  • implement support for the Dashboard Plugin

  • add sql-support for the enable & uninstall scripts

  • minor clean up of source-code

Some features I've planned:

  • It will also be possible (of cause) to create "internal events" which won't be shown to the public. - Eg: To organise meetings of the group. (NOTE: right now this is the only option - because there is no "public-view"!)

  • There will be a setting if an admin-user has to approve public events before they get shown to the public.

  • one of the other ideas for the future is to implement something like a tiny public form to give visitors of the site the possibility to attend to events (or lessons - like the given example)

I hope I was able to point out my intentions for this plugin in an understandable way.. wink

...I still would like hear/read some ideas.. if you are thinking of some additios for the plugin: just drop me a message!

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