1 echo the content of an ID

by petersmit

4 Some Table in Article

by annakin

8 Translate roles name

by djgprv

10 Fixing Upload Helper

by steven

11 Home page slug

by anto

14 Issues with Page Class

by soullessfire

16 RFC - docs.wolfcms.org

by mvdkleijn

17 Add part tabs by default

by Alex Nikishkin

19 login redirection issue

by soullessfire

20 Registration page

by javaaddict

21 Login UI change

by javaaddict

22 Snippet to a variable

by javaaddict

23 Mysql Error

by javaaddict

24 require_once

by javaaddict

26 hack XSS

by richard

27 Icons -ns

by NicNLD