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yello studio

yello logo yello studio is a creative graphic and web design agency based in Exeter, Devon. Finding inspiration in their picturesque Devon surroundings and their own vivid imaginations, guided by experience and fuelled by dangerous levels of tea and cake, they produce award-winning design for a variety of end uses: Branding, Print and Web Design. Andy Lake took a few minutes to talk to us about their work and about Wolf.

Tell us a little bit about yourself professionally — are you more “designer” or “developer”? or …?

The guys at yello studio all have their individual skill sets which are invaluable to the work we produce, from graphic design to web design and online marketing. As for me personally, jack of all trades master of none springs to mind :@) I design, develop and market. Having been placed into work environments in the past where the buck stops at you, it helps you to think on your feet and adapt your way of working to encompass a whole range of skills which you need to accommodate this ever changing industry.

Screenshots don’t do justice to the yello studio site because it’s so “interactive”! Is this a regular aspect to yello studio designs?

We try hard to produce engaging websites which inspire confidence and set our clients out from their competitors. Although we use Flash, the majority of our clients are commercially focused so jQuery is the perfect search engine friendly alternative, bringing any site to life.

Did you use any special plugins or “tricks” with Wolf on this site?

The adaptability of Wolf CMS means any site can be catered for. It’s the perfect platform to build upon. We have made generous use of Wolf’s ability to execute PHP / PDO in page content, employ the included javascript libraries to execute jQuery and Ajax commands, and have numerous calls on Wolf’s classes / objects to obtain database, layout, page part information. With the arrival of Wolf 0.6.0 we are also now planning a custom-built plug-in employing Wolf’s Dispatcher class to manage plug-in generated pages.

Finally, you claim to be “fuelled by dangerous levels of tea and cake”. The burning question is … Lapsang souchong or Earl Grey?

Lapsang souchong?!

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