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New Media Manitoba by Handcraft Creative

new media manitoba Wolf’s tagline is “light-weight, fast, simple and powerful”. We ran across a site running on Wolf that we believe especially demonstrates Wolf’s power. Elbert Bakker, Art Director and co-owner of Handcraft Creative, the developers of the New Media Manitoba site, took time out of a busy schedule to explain…

Why did Handcraft go to Wolf CMS for New Media Manitoba? It’s almost a social networking site!

We’ve found Wolf to be a very lightweight place to start on a project, with clean, fast code and very little bloat. We also enjoy its approach to handling objects and database records. This makes Wolf a great platform for sites of any size as it is nearly infinitely extendable and very flexible to work with.

Is there one “killer feature” of the New Media Manitoba site that Handcraft are particularly pleased with?

We’re pleased with how the Directory ties together different areas (users, groups, survey information) and makes an easily searchable tool for the new media industry in Manitoba.


I think you have used Wolf for other sites, too. How do your clients find working with it?

We do our best to streamline the arrangement of controls and the the editing process so that clients can find and update what they’re working on quickly. They understand the setup of Pages almost immediately. While understanding the separation of pages and plugins can take a little longer, things are simple and consistent so this usually isn’t more than a couple of minutes.

Do you give much training when you hand over live sites?

Yes. We often walk through the site with them once, and then provide a screen capture as we do common content updates to the site so that they can refer back to it if needed. This is usually enough to answer most questions, but we help with any other questions they have or make adjustments to help make their editing easier.

What ways have you be extending Wolf “in-house”? Any chance of a
share? :)

We have been extending Wolf quite heavily, including expanded user classes, plugins for shop extensions, event management, surveys, SMTP email support, Campaign Monitor syncing, and a new backend design for Wolf itself. We’ll be releasing some of these as we have a chance to convert parts of them from site-specific to general-use plugins.

We’ll be looking forward to those! Thanks!

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