Light-weight, fast, simple and powerful!

The team

Martijn, founder & lead developer guy

Firm believer in keeping things simple, Martijn founded Wolf CMS.

“I love many of the Japanese traits and indeed Japan itself. My programming and life reflect this as I use much of bushidō and of wabi-sabi. Keep things simple.”

David, forum & docs guy

Committed to strengthening communities, David is the Wolf CMS ‘evangelist’.

“Hope that helps :) Now pass the muffins!”

Mike, developer & bug squasher guy

Always helping out and developing plugins, Mike is the team’s bug squasher guy.

“Self-professed geek and The Big Bang Theory addict. Plays xbox (GT: snsmurf), drums, guitar and paintball (Not very good at the last two though :-( ). Oh and lover of all things Wolf.”

Dejan, docs guy

Having learned a lot about Wolf, Dejan helps out with documentation.

“Sci-Fi addict. Very complicated and lazy but loves simplicity & Wolf! Waiting to move “up” one level.”

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