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The road to the future

You are looking at the general roadmap for the future of the Wolf CMS project. Each release mentioned on the roadmap will focus on certain areas of development. These focus points will help you understand what is going on and serve as guides for the project & plugin developers.

It is important to know that the roadmap is not set in stone. This means we will probably do something else entirely.. though we might follow the roadmap perfectly.

The roadmap and everything we do in this project is ultimately based on our overall project goals.

0.6.0 – Adding Enhancements (RELEASED)

The “Adding Enhancements” release is intended mainly to add functionality that will improve upgrade-ability and add features to improve plugin support.

  • New core plugin: BackupRestore

0.7.0 – Security Hardening (RELEASED)

This release will solely focus on security hardening the core of Wolf CMS. Some of the features that were added:

  • CSRF token generation and validation
  • Session regeneration upon privilege increase
  • Salted passwords
  • Passwords hashed using sha-256 instead of sha-1
  • A security check page that suggests possible improvements to your installation of Wolf CMS
  • Changed cookie lifetime from two weeks to 30 minutes

0.7.3+ – Bug Fixing

Outstanding bugs will be fixed in this release. No new features will be accepted for this release.

0.8.0 – HTML, Dirty Records and Nodes

New features like:

  • New HTML 5 coded backend to make custom themes easier.
  • Easily check what fields were changed but not saved and what the old value was in models extending Record.
  • Nodes… :)
  • Some refactoring of code.

0.9.0 – All core functionality working

All of the functionality pertaining to Wolf CMS’s core should be up-and-running and no major problems should exist.

1.0.0 – Core plugins updated and security hardened

The Wolf CMS core plugins (comment, file_manager, archive, etc) will receive a full feature and bug overhaul. They will also get a security hardening check.

1.1.0 – Fixing bugs

This is a pure bug fixing release. Bugs for both the core and the core plugins will be fixed. No new features will be accepted for this release.

1.5.0 – Slimming down and speeding up

This release will focus mainly on removing duplicate and/or unnecessary code from Wolf CMS. It will also review the reaction times of the CMS and try to identify possible points for speed improvement.

Please remember: this document is a constant work in progress, is never final and not set in stone!

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