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Develop branch, HTTPS support and site moving servers

Hi everyone,

Since its kickoff, Wolf CMS has seen a quick increase in users, a growth in available plugins and its been seen to run some very interesting sites. Growth is good but also has other consequences that require the project be handled differently. Therefore, some time ago, I announced on the Wolf forums that I’d be doing a so-called project reboot. This reboot will allow us to improve a number of things with regards to how the site runs and for example our development cycle. This in turn will allow us to push out smaller change sets at a higher pace while still maintaining overall stability.

The following three changes in the project are the first steps in that project reboot.

The first big change that was introduced was the addition of a “develop” branch in our Git repository. This will be the main development branch and always contain the bleeding-edge version of Wolf. The master branch will always contain the latest stable version. Before the weekend is out, it should be pointing to the new 0.7.8 release.

Secondly, during the last week I’ve been testing and monitoring a new feature on the site that was introduced without any real announcement so far: HTTPS support. This was activated a little while back and should provide our users with a higher level of security when logging into the site & forum. By default you will still be reading the site in HTTP mode, but the login pages and all logged-in areas are switched to HTTPS. No one should be experiencing any issues, but if you do, please let us know!

The last change I’m announcing here is the fact that the site will be moving servers sometime between now and the next 2-3 weeks. We’re moving the site for a very simple basic reason: finances. The whole project has been mostly funded by me personally and its had a too heavy impact on my personal finances. The new location is still fast and properly backed up but less expensive. The actual migration of the site will create some downtime of the site, but that should hopefully be very limited.

Two days before the actual migration, I’ll post a site-wide announcement. During the migration, the site will be made unavailable to prevent problems.

I hope you’re as pleased with these changes as I am since it will allow us to secure the future of Wolf CMS!

— Martijn

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