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Releasing Wolf CMS 0.7.6


We’ve temporarily removed the download link due to some people reporting issues with post-upgrade issue. We’re investigating now.

Original blog post

We’ve just released version 0.7.6 of Wolf CMS. A little later than planned due to pneumonia, but finally here nevertheless.

This release contains mainly bug fixes and new translations. If you are running a 0.7.5-sp1 system, you can upgrade by simply replacing your files. Starting with this release all of our translations are available at our project page. You can get the bleeding edge of translations there.

This release includes:

  • Now depends on PHP 5.2+, preparing for PHP 5.3+ dependency
  • Replaced legacy code using $__CONN__ with prepared statements or Record:: methods
  • Switched SQL to use named parameters
  • Allowed for _ translations
  • Added missing translatable strings
  • Commented out magic_quotes_gpc flag in htaccess in preparation for complete removal
  • Changed deprecated eregi to preg_match
  • Added layout as parameter to page_before_execute_layout event
  • Flash infoboxes were made smarter in terms of duration of staying on screen
  • Updated translation files with those from
  • Added $user->id as second parameter to user_after_??? event
  • Fixed issue with non-enabled plugins being selectable as default tab
  • Fixed bug that allowed page with existing slug to be created
  • Fixed mime-type for javascript files
  • Fixed a problem with parent() function
  • Fixed slug validation to allow dot (.) as valid character
  • Fixed backup restore plugin losing NULL values
  • Fixed issue in Archive plugin with preview status
  • Minor fixes

Where to get it

Just go to our download page.

Advice and Notes

  • If you are having problems after upgrading, make sure to disable all plugins and then re-enable each plugin one by one to make sure the problem isn’t being caused by a plugin.

Show your support

We sincerely hope you like what we’ve given you with this latest release. If you do, consider supporting the project by contributing financially.

Click here to lend your support to: Wolf CMS and make a donation at !

— Martijn

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