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A short new year's update

Happy New Year from the Wolf CMS team!

Thanks to the team and all of our loyal users who kept the forum in check during the holidays. Its great to see that happen.


On a personal note: I got married to my beautiful Chinese girl during the holidays. The whole trip was tiring but definitely worth it.

However, when turning on my PC after returning, my system fried including my disks. Fortunately, no major loss of data occurred due to a proper backup setup. I had to wait till the shops were open again after the holidays before being able to get a new system, increasing the considerable post-wedding dent in my finances.

I’ll re-setup my development environment during the weekend.

Foreign languages and Wolf CMS

Translators take note! Just before my holidays, I setup a Transifex account for Wolf CMS which will enable translators to more easily co-operate on translations. It will also allow us to more easily change the core’s default English language messages and see how complete a translation is.

A number of changes were made in the Wolf core to support this in future releases. One of the changes is the introduction of an “en-messages.php” file that contains the default strings.

If you want to help out translating Wolf CMS, please go to and sign up for a free account. Using that account you can request to join one of the translation teams.

Intermittent release

I’ll push out a 0.7.6 release containing bugfixes and some new features either this weekend or the next. We opting for this to allow us a little more time on finishing up other changes.

— Martijn

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