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Releasing Wolf CMS 0.7.3

We’ve just released version 0.7.3 of Wolf CMS. This release is an intermediate bug fix release that mostly fixes some essential problems with the 0.7.0 release. The filter or editor system was changed to improve flexibility in combination with other (third party) filters/editors. Some minor styling issues were fixed and the too strict validation of the keywords and description fields was changed.

If you are running a 0.7.x system or want to upgrade your 0.6.x system, you are advised to use this release.

Where to get it

Just go to our download page. (Or get a patch if you have already upgraded.)

Advice and Notes

  • If you are having problems after upgrading to 0.7.x, make sure to disable all plugins and then re-enable each plugin one by one to make sure the problem isn’t being caused by a plugin.
  • Third party editor plugins (like TinyMCE, WYMEditor, etc.) will potentially lag a little bit in supporting 0.7.x. Check with their author’s site.
  • Wolf CMS moved to GitHub including the issuelist. Unfortunately, we were not able to keep the issue numbers equal but rest assured that all registered issues were carried over to the new system on GitHub.

Show your support

We sincerely hope you like what we’ve given you with this latest release. If you do, consider supporting the project by contributing financially.

Click here to lend your support to: Wolf CMS and make a donation at !

— Martijn

3 Responses

  1. Martijn Says:
    January 07, 2011 at 10:46

    @Alan - Have you actually tried the 0.7.x release? Its quite stable and the fixes we released were done mostly in response to the relatively minor problems a few people reported.

    The most major change in 0.7.3 was the changes we made to the filter system to be more flexible towards third party editors.

    Early beta or alpha status would mean the product was hardly useable at all. That is far from the case. Just because we're releasing some fix versions doesn't mean the ealier versions were a beta or alpha version. It just means we want people to have this latest version.

  2. David Says:
    January 07, 2011 at 10:05

    @Alan - There were some very significant changes that came with 0.7.0. It was tested on a variety of systems, and was "in the wild" as a Release Candidate (RC) before announcing the "stable" version. Still, once it was installed more widely, some problems emerged.

    This shows two things, I think: (1) the importance of broad testing during the "RC" phase, and (2) just how large/significant some of those upgrades were! We don't anticipate future versions bringing such major changes. We hope, anyway! ;)

  3. Alan van Duke Says:
    January 07, 2011 at 09:05

    I think WolfCMS 0.7.0 more similar early beta or alpha, but not final release.

    I hope you will made more better CMS.


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