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Updated site features: My Account and Plugin Repository

Yesterday, two of the site’s features were upgraded: “My account” and the plugin repository. Before I go into more detail, I’d like to add that these updates are part of a larger update which you’ll learn more about in the near future.

What changed?

  • The My Account page layout was improved.
  • On the My Account page, actions are now on the right. (if they appear incorrectly indented, please refresh your browser cache)
  • The My Account page now lists how many plugins you maintain. Zero for now.
  • The My Account page now lists two new settings for the maximum number of plugins to show in the repository.
  • A “List plugins maintained by you” action was added.
  • A “Edit account settings” action was added.

How to enjoy this?

Login to the site using your regular site username and password in the top right. Then click on the My Account link that appears. For now, the only settings you are able to change are the maximum number of plugins to display in the plugin repository views.

When you execute the “List plugins maintained by you” action, you will see another new feature: a Growl message will pop up in the top right saying you maintain no plugins.

For an example of what you’ll see when you do maintain plugins, see this example listing.

Hope you like it. More coming up.

- Martijn

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