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Feature freeze for 0.6.0

Starting from today, a feature freeze is in place for the upcoming 0.6.0 release.

This means that new enhancement requests and issues (bugs) will only be scheduled for post 0.6.0 releases. Having said that, lots of interesting stuff has already gone into the 0.6.0 release and there are still some equally interesting features already accepted but not yet implemented for this release.

What’s already in the upcoming release?

We added support for HTTPS in the backend. This will allow administrators who have HTTPS functionality available to use it. Activate it by setting USE_HTTPS to true in config.php. We’ve also added a Flash::setNow() function to allow for flash messages in currently active request.

Users can now determine the language they want to use for the Wolf CMS backend. Plugins can (when the plugin supports it) be enabled, disabled and uninstalled. The last one is new and allows plugin developers to cleanup any database tables, settings, etc. when activated by the administrator. The core Comment plugin now supports this feature.

A new core plugin, BackupRestore, was added to Wolf CMS. This allows administrators to save all of their contents and settings to a file and also to restore settings and contents from it.

You can now set a site wide email address. Emails from the Wolf CMS system will use this email address in the From field.

We added a PREVIEW status to pages which allows people with one of the administrator, developer or editor roles to preview the page.

Lastly, we added a requirements.php to the install directory to allow people to check if their system meets the Wolf CMS prerequisites.

For plugin developers

Support for frontend PluginControllers was also added. This allows plugin developers to use all of the goodies of the controllers in the frontend, so a controller’s view is effectively replacing a Page.

We also added basic cron support. This comes in two forms: normal and poorman’s. The normal version works by setting up a CRON job as you would do normally. In that CRON job, you’d for example use wget to call Wolf CMS’s cron.php page. The Poorman’s cron support is activated by defining a USE_POORMANSCRON and setting it to true in config.php. This will render a small and non-visible image which triggers the cron functionality.

As you can see, lots has already gone into the Wolf CMS development version and it is our sincere hope you’ll like the upcoming 0.6.0 release even more.

2 Responses

  1. Martijn Says:
    November 09, 2009 at 13:29

    If all goes well, I should be posting a RC version at the end of today. Keep in mind though that this is a massive release with lots of changes.

  2. Andy Says:
    November 09, 2009 at 12:43

    Hows the release coming along?

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