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When is the next release?

This is a question some of the users of Wolf CMS have posed: “When is the next release?”.

The policy of this project is never to give any commitment on release dates. Similar to the Drupal project, our statement is: “It is released when it is finished.”

You would probably appreciate an indication however. To get an idea of the state of development, take a look at the issue list.

As you can see, a lot of things are scheduled for the Wolf CMS 0.6.0 release. This means the new release will take longer to implement, but it will contain more changes than ever before (including to Frog). Having said that though, it is our intention to do a beta release at the end of this month.

Hopefully all major changes will have been implemented by then. (if you want an up-to-date idea of the items already fixed/added for Wolf CMS 0.6.0, check this list)

So what’s the idea for Wolf CMs after 0.6.0? The project roadmap is still completely relevant. The roadmap was setup in such a way that this project will reach 1.0 in a structured manner with clear focus points for each release.

In release 0.7.0, the focus will rest on security hardening the core of Wolf CMS. This will mean improving login/logout features, XSS protection, CSRF protection, SQL injection protection, etc. while at the same time keeping the core simple and fast.

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