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Development update - Wolf CMS 0.6.0

Just a quick development update so everyone knows what’s going on. After the release of Wolf CMS 0.5.5, we’re now forging ahead towards release 0.6.0. Lots of things are happening on the wiki front, where new documentation is popping up right and left.

As for the Wolf CMS system itself. Just check out the current changelog, here’s what changed after the 0.5.5 release:

  • Added user-specific language setting for back-end. – issue 13
  • Added uninstall feature support for comment plugin.
  • Added uninstall feature for plugins – issue 40
  • Added new core plugin, BackupRestore – issue 27
  • Fixed duplicate IDs in Administration / Settings tab – issue 37 – thanks slowgary
  • File Manager – show folders before files – issue 38 – thanks slowgary
  • Removed last remnants of split (classes/Page) – issue 33
  • Minor text, css edits

1 Response

  1. Vayu Says:
    August 25, 2009 at 22:50


    I find it very interesting this cms and I think you guys have done a great job on this and Frog.

    I would like to come with a few suggestions if I may.

    There should be a separate Tab/section for the Blog/Articles. So pages and articles are separated.

    The same goes for a news section.

    In the database there should be a field called page_type, so its easier to access content type in the code.

    In the Tinymce plugin its possible to access the images in Files, but it is not possible to create a link to files in files. Ie sometimes people would like to link to a word doc etc.

    Just a couple of things I would like anyhow. :-)

    Keep up the good work.


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