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Releasing Wolf CMS 0.5.5 stable

The Wolf CMS team is proud to announce its first stable release with version 0.5.5!

As you well know, this project originated in Frog version 0.9.5 and has a well planned roadmap. This release introduces a number of things, but remains entirely usable with your current Frog plugins. We have intentionally not changed a lot and have mainly introduced branding changes. For a full list of changes, see below.

To download Wolf CMS, please see the download page.

Important changes for plugin developers

Be aware that three of constants you might be using have been renamed. They concern:

  • changed FROG_ROOT into CMS_ROOT
  • changed FROG_CONN into CMS_CONN

The old FROG_????? constants still work for backwards compatibility purposes, but they should be considered deprecated. Deprecated items will be removed in future Wolf CMS releases. All other instances of “frog” were changed into “wolf”.

Full list of changes

  • Added new Wolf layout.
  • Added auto-fading messages.
  • Added updated Russian translation. Thanks Dmitry.
  • Added Slovak translation. Thanks Payo.
  • Added Slovenian translation. Thanks skye28.
  • Added missing HTML tags in default Homepage sidebar code – issue 22
  • Added new default admin area theme
  • Fixed backend favicon tag not closed – frog issue 178
  • Fixed faulty code in comment plugin documentation – thanks stevesmc
  • Changed default RewriteBase to wolfcms
  • Changed old Normal layout into new Simple layout with new colors.
  • Changed include to include_once in PluginController – frog issue 179
  • Removing unneeded files – issue 23
  • Rebranded to Wolf CMS

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  1. David Says:
    August 05, 2009 at 12:01

    Nice indication of satisfying #7 on this list. :)

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