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Added more new features to wiki

Today I’ve added yet more features that will greatly help us to create good documentation. At least, that’s my hope. Let me explain the new wiki features I’ve added.

In order to prevent confusion: the plugins below are dokuwiki plugins. This project uses dokuwiki for documentation purposes.

Notes plugin

By adding the notes plugin to the wiki, we are now able to create small note areas similar to the one currently on the wiki’s start page. You can choose between a normal note or an important, warning or tip note. Create one by using the following code examples:

<note>This is a normal note.</note>
<note important>This is an important note!</note>

Gravatar plugin

This will allow you to add your gravatar image to a wiki page. Just use the following syntax:


Where size can be any of s(mall) = 20×20 pixels, m(edium) = 40×40 pixels, l(arge) = 80×80 pixels or xl (extra large) = 120×120 pixels.

Include plugin

The include page is a very simple plugin which allows us to include an entire page or page section on another wiki page. Syntax:


ODT export plugin

Finally, the ODT export plugin allows you to export any wiki page to the Open Office ODT format. Just go to the wiki page and click on the “Export to ODT” button in the top or bottom bars. This plugin in combination with the include plugin will allow us to start constructing real books, ready for export to ODT and, through Open Office, pdf.

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  1. David Says:
    August 03, 2009 at 11:55

    These DokuWiki enhancements are great. Thanks!

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