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Added translation options to the wiki

Well, time for another small change to the site. I’ve added a translation plugin to the wiki. This plugin will allow users to create translations of the various wiki pages in their own language.

Hopefully, this will help people who can’t read/write English to take up Wolf CMS without too much trouble. So, if you want to help out the project… contribute the occasional piece of information in the wiki or translate some of the pages in the wiki.

You can find the language options at the top right of the wiki interface. Languages are not available automatically, so if you are missing your particular language, please ask to add your language in the translation forum.

How translations work in the wiki

The default language is English. You can change to another language by clicking on your desired language button at the top right. Translated pages are stored in language specific namespaces where the default language is stored in the main, default namespace. For more detailed information, please see the localization page on the wiki.

For an actual example of a translated page, please see the wiki’s start page.

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  1. kölner club Says:
    September 15, 2009 at 10:45
    Bin ein Tester maaaan
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